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Work Groups

  • Executive Internal Operations – Reviews and builds upon internal Board policy and structure, such as education, recruitment, and participation, to pursue a continuously more inclusive, knowledgeable, and active board membership. Supports and manages work group progress to ensure that it follows the mission and goals of the Board and sets the agenda for bimonthly Board meetings.
  • External Relations – Builds relationships, shares knowledge, and coordinates resources between the HCWDB and external partners, including employers, community organizations, government, and participants, to ensure that the services and advocacy of the Workforce Development Board align with the goals of our residents and partners.
  • Program Design and Development – Facilitates alignment of youth, adult, and dislocated worker career services and training with the needs of employers, interests of participants, and the opportunities in the job market to enhance meaningful career pathways.
  • Data and Measurements – Collects and reviews labor market, employment, and service program performance data to present to the Workforce Development Board and its committees leading to data-informed decision making.

Members of the public can get involved with the work of the Hennepin-Carver Workforce Development Board by participating in Board Work Groups. For more information or to express interest, please contact