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Work Groups

HCWDB Work Group Summaries and Members

External Relations: 

Builds relationships, shares knowledge, and coordinates resources between the HCWDB and external partners, including employers, community organizations, government, and participants, to ensure that services and advocacy of the Workforce Development Board align with the goals of our residents and partners.

Tim Mayer (Chair), Elise Durbin, Cindy Larson, Kate Probert Fagundes, Doug Muller, Julie Kennedy, Brad Markwell, Kari Scanlon, Sara Johnson, Doug Gjerstad, Madison Hurst, Jolene Rotich, Lisa Cain, Jim Durdle 

Hennepin County Staff: Erik Aamoth (

Data & Measurements: 

Collects and reviews labor market, employment, and service program performance data to present to the Workforce Development Board and its Work Groups leading to data-informed decision making.

Melissa Scherer (Chair), John Hacker, Sarah Gutzman, Tim O’Neill, Leah McNamee, Madison Hurst, Catrice O’Neal, Becky Waege, Lo Bouakou

Hennepin County Staff: Erik Aamoth (, Nicki Hanson (

Program Design & Development: 

Facilitates alignment of youth, adult, and dislocated worker career services and training with the needs of employers, interests of participants, and the opportunities in the job market to enhance meaningful career pathways.

Kim Schrupp (Chair), Emily Watts, Derrick Givens, Shannon Quigley, Debbie Ferry, Tyler Krogen, Shannon Seaver, Becca Lopez, Rebecca Stearns, Madison Hurst 

Hennepin County Staff: Bri Steirer (

Executive Internal Operations: 

Convenes the chairs of each work group to discuss strategies and action plans to confirm alignment with HCWDB Mission and Vision. Reviews and builds upon internal Board policy and structure, such as education, recruitment, and participation, to pursue a continuously more inclusive and knowledgeable, and active board membership.

Nicole Mattson (Chair), Garfield Clark, Melissa Scherer, Tim Mayer, Kim Schrupp 

Hennepin County Staff: Erik Aamoth (